Guys, I know how it feels.

My entire life, I've battled with skin issues.
I’d hide at home. Avoid any attention. Or constantly stare in the mirror.

Even now in my 30s, with the worst behind me, I still get an occasional blemish.
Ingrown hairs, picking at pimples, leftover dark spots - it happens to all of us.

Sometimes in the most visible spots. Or at the most inconvenient times.

But men face a double standard.
We’re supposed to just deal with it. Ignore it. We don’t even talk about it.

Is it vanity? Masculinity? I don't think so.
We are all humans. And whether we admit it or not, a bad skin day can affect our confidence.

We too, can feel self-conscious.

I looked everywhere for a practical solution.
Something that would both heal and cover up those unexpected blemishes.

But I was overwhelmed with female-focused options. Nothing was out there for the average guy.

I just wanted something that wasn't fancy, wasn't complicated, and wasn't expensive.
There was nothing I would feel comfortable purchasing, let alone regularly using.

So out of my room in West Oakland (WOAK, get it?), I decided to create an approachable skincare line for men.

Unconventional, affordable skin products I wouldn't be embarrassed to use, yet gets the job done.
Subtle, yet effective. Quick, yet with actual benefits.

So come try something different. Join the movement and help us break norms.

Welcome to men's skin care without the stigma.